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javazoom::jl::converter::RiffFile Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class to manage RIFF files

Definition at line 35 of file RiffFile.java.

Public Member Functions

int Backpatch (long FileOffset, byte[] Data, int NumBytes)
int Backpatch (long FileOffset, RiffChunkHeader Data, int NumBytes)
int Close ()
int CurrentFileMode ()
long CurrentFilePosition ()
int Expect (String Data, int NumBytes)
int Open (String Filename, int NewMode)
int Read (byte[] Data, int NumBytes)
 RiffFile ()
int Write (int Data, int NumBytes)
int Write (short Data, int NumBytes)
int Write (RiffChunkHeader Triff_header, int NumBytes)
int Write (short[] Data, int NumBytes)
int Write (byte[] Data, int NumBytes)

Static Public Member Functions

static int FourCC (String ChunkName)

Static Public Attributes

static final int DDC_FAILURE = 1
static final int DDC_FILE_ERROR = 3
static final int DDC_INVALID_CALL = 4
static final int DDC_INVALID_FILE = 6
static final int DDC_OUT_OF_MEMORY = 2
static final int DDC_SUCCESS = 0
static final int DDC_USER_ABORT = 5
static final int RFM_READ = 2
static final int RFM_UNKNOWN = 0
static final int RFM_WRITE = 1

Protected Member Functions

int Seek (long offset)

Protected Attributes

RandomAccessFile file
int fmode

Private Member Functions

String DDCRET_String (int retcode)

Private Attributes

RiffChunkHeader riff_header


class  RiffChunkHeader

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