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javazoom::jl::decoder::Header Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class for extracting information from a frame header.

Definition at line 37 of file Header.java.

Public Member Functions

int bitrate ()
int bitrate_index ()
int bitrate_instant ()
String bitrate_string ()
int calculate_framesize ()
boolean checksum_ok ()
boolean checksums ()
boolean copyright ()
int frequency ()
int getSyncHeader ()
int intensity_stereo_bound ()
int layer ()
String layer_string ()
int max_number_of_frames (int streamsize)
int min_number_of_frames (int streamsize)
int mode ()
int mode_extension ()
String mode_string ()
float ms_per_frame ()
int number_of_subbands ()
boolean original ()
boolean padding ()
int sample_frequency ()
String sample_frequency_string ()
int slots ()
String toString ()
float total_ms (int streamsize)
boolean vbr ()
int vbr_scale ()
byte[] vbr_toc ()
int version ()
String version_string ()

Public Attributes

short checksum
int framesize
int nSlots

Static Public Attributes

static final String bitrate_str [][][]
static final int bitrates [][][]
static final int DUAL_CHANNEL = 2
static final int FOURTYEIGHT = 1
static final int FOURTYFOUR_POINT_ONE = 0
static final int[][] frequencies
static final int JOINT_STEREO = 1
static final int MPEG1 = 1
static final int MPEG25_LSF = 2
static final int MPEG2_LSF = 0
static final int SINGLE_CHANNEL = 3
static final int STEREO = 0
static final int THIRTYTWO = 2

Package Functions

void parseVBR (byte[] firstframe) throws BitstreamException
void read_header (Bitstream stream, Crc16[] crcp) throws BitstreamException

Private Attributes

int _headerstring = -1
Crc16 crc
int h_bitrate_index
boolean h_copyright
int h_intensity_stereo_bound
int h_layer
int h_mode
int h_mode_extension
int h_number_of_subbands
boolean h_original
int h_padding_bit
int h_protection_bit
int h_sample_frequency
boolean h_vbr
int h_vbr_bytes
int h_vbr_frames
int h_vbr_scale
double[] h_vbr_time_per_frame = {-1, 384, 1152, 1152}
byte[] h_vbr_toc
int h_version
byte syncmode = Bitstream.INITIAL_SYNC

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