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javazoom::jl::decoder::huffcodetab Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class to implements Huffman decoder.

Definition at line 45 of file huffcodetab.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static int huffman_decoder (huffcodetab h, int[] x, int[] y, int[] v, int[] w, BitReserve br)
static void inithuff ()

Static Public Attributes

static huffcodetab[] ht = null

Private Member Functions

 huffcodetab (String S, int XLEN, int YLEN, int LINBITS, int LINMAX, int REF, int[] TABLE, int[] HLEN, int[][] VAL, int TREELEN)

Private Attributes

int[] hlen = null
int linbits
int linmax
int ref
int[] table = null
char tablename0 = ' '
char tablename1 = ' '
char tablename2 = ' '
int treelen
int[][] val = null
int xlen
int ylen

Static Private Attributes

static int[] bitbuf = new int[32]
static final int HTN = 34
static final int MXOFF = 250
static int ValTab0 [][]
static int ValTab1 [][]
static int ValTab10 [][]
static int ValTab11 [][]
static int ValTab12 [][]
static int ValTab13 [][]
static int ValTab14 [][]
static int ValTab15 [][]
static int ValTab16 [][]
static int ValTab2 [][]
static int ValTab24 [][]
static int ValTab3 [][]
static int ValTab32 [][]
static int ValTab33 [][]
static int ValTab4 [][] = {{0,0}}
static int ValTab5 [][]
static int ValTab6 [][]
static int ValTab7 [][]
static int ValTab8 [][]
static int ValTab9 [][]

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