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void javazoom::jl::player::AudioDeviceBase::write ( short[]  samples,
int  offs,
int  len 
) throws JavaLayerException [inline, inherited]

Writes audio data to this audio device. Audio data is assumed to be in the output format of the decoder. This method may return before the data has actually been sounded by the device if the device buffers audio samples.

samples The samples to write to the audio device.
offs The offset into the array of the first sample to write.
len The number of samples from the array to write.
JavaLayerException if the audio data could not be written to the audio device. If the audio device is not open, this method does nthing.

Implements javazoom::jl::player::AudioDevice.

Definition at line 128 of file AudioDeviceBase.java.

References javazoom::jl::player::AudioDeviceBase::isOpen(), and javazoom::jl::player::AudioDeviceBase::writeImpl().

Referenced by javazoom::jl::player::JavaSoundAudioDevice::test().

            if (isOpen())
                  writeImpl(samples, offs, len);

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