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javazoom::jl::player::JavaSoundAudioDevice Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javazoom::jl::player::JavaSoundAudioDevice:

javazoom::jl::player::AudioDeviceBase javazoom::jl::player::AudioDevice

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Detailed Description

The JavaSoundAudioDevice implements an audio device by using the JavaSound API.

Mat McGowan

Definition at line 44 of file JavaSoundAudioDevice.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void close ()
void flush ()
int getPosition ()
synchronized boolean isOpen ()
int millisecondsToBytes (AudioFormat fmt, int time)
synchronized void open (Decoder decoder) throws JavaLayerException
void open (AudioFormat fmt) throws JavaLayerException
void test () throws JavaLayerException
void write (short[] samples, int offs, int len) throws JavaLayerException

Protected Member Functions

void closeImpl ()
void createSource () throws JavaLayerException
void flushImpl ()
AudioFormat getAudioFormat ()
byte[] getByteArray (int length)
Decoder getDecoder ()
DataLine.Info getSourceLineInfo ()
void openImpl () throws JavaLayerException
void setAudioFormat (AudioFormat fmt0)
void setOpen (boolean open)
byte[] toByteArray (short[] samples, int offs, int len)
void writeImpl (short[] samples, int offs, int len) throws JavaLayerException

Private Attributes

byte[] byteBuf = new byte[4096]
AudioFormat fmt = null
SourceDataLine source = null

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